Amadora Llama

(or the loving flame is also the lover that calls)

In the group piece “Amadora LLama” the dancers give themselves to a congregation of nuns, full of longing and passion. The ecstatic experiences of the religious community consist of polyphonic dances and textsm Inspired by the poems of the 16th century Spanish nun, mystic and REformist and poet Teresa of Àvila, Veza Fernández explores queer feminist embodiments in a religious context. In the deep connection of saints and mystics to the emotional world lurks emancipatory potential – also for erotic self-empowerment. An awakening from blind lethargy, trusting in the unknown, emotional, mysterious, intuitive chaos. Shows: April 2019 Tanzquartier Vienna March 2022 a la casa encendida de fundacion montemadrid


Director / choreography:



Light Design

Costume Design

Costume Assistance



Sound on Stage



Director / choreography: Veza Maria Fernández Ramos
Production: Eva Holzinger, Sophie Schmeiser
Sound: Stefan Ehgartner
Light Design: Christina Bergner
Costume Design: Nina Divitschek
Costume Assistance: Nina Krainer
Photography: Denise Martina Lajczack, Katharina Göttfried
Video: Magdalena Fischer
Sound on Stage: Christine Lederhaas

Alex Bailey
Veza Fernàndez
Robyn / Hugo Le Brigand
Lau Lukkarila
Martina de Dominicis
Marta Navaridas
Denise Palmieri
Salome Schneebeli
Ana Threat