Cosmic Bodies

Tremble. Touch. Sense if that rock is a rock or an alien. Roll.

Tremble. Touch. Sense if that rock is a rock or an alien. Roll. Harmonize with chemicals. Remain asymmetrical, but find order. Transform. Vibrate. Sound out planetary languages. Breath. Confound the »human« with your smell organs. In COSMICBODIES, seven dancing bodies draw on the horror and science fiction genres, scientific discourses, pop culture and subculture to gain an intimate physical language. The images of the piece thus move across the spacetime of the sounding inner world of their own bodies to the resounding outer space. Outer space and inner space tilts and inverts into relation, where the memory of our mother’s advice is found in photons travelling towards black holes. Friction, conflict and potentials of new bodies and new behaviours of relation among those bodies emerge. From that earthly and »human« past comes rapidly multiplying polybrid monstrous bodies with new abilities, protections, constellations, functions, body parts, enhancements and movements, a kind of cosmically political humanoid subject. COSMICBODIES is a dance piece for people with and without visual impairments and integrates artistic audio description. After »Blue Moon« and »Witches«, it is Ursina Tossi’s third work from »EXCESSIVE SHOWING you can only dismantle the master’s house with the monster’s tools!«, a choreographic series of critical queer-feminist perspectives on the constructions of femininity and monstrous bodies in the context of mythology, history(-ies) and pop culture.


Artistic Direction, Choreography

Co-Choreography, Dance






Costume Assistance





Artistic Direction, Choreography: Ursina Tossi
Co-Choreography, Dance: Anand Dhanakoti, Camilla Brogaard, Damini Gairola, Girish Kumar Rachappa, Huen Tin Yeung, Lisa Rykena, Ursina Tossi
Dramaturgy; Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
Sound: Johannes Miethke
Light: Lars Kracht
Stage: Raphaela Andrade
Costume: Nina Divitschek
Costume Assistance: Daniela Dreissigacker
Assistance: Nona Siepmann
Photography Alexandra Polina Diffusion LEAD Productions (Uta Engel & Lea Connert)