Swan Fate

SWAN FATE is a queer feminist appropriation of the ballet classic Swan Lake. Ursina Tossi and her company break with traditional concepts of love and fate and formulate their very own, diverse and contemporary declaration of love for dance. In SWAN FATE, the dancers play with longings, virtuosity, physicality and vulnerability, searching in the choreography and in their bodies for the traces that Swan Lake leaves behind. They also engage with the dance heritage, as well as the violent and colonial narratives and practices of ballet.   To the music of the band CocoRosie, newly composed especially for the piece, not only different urban dance styles are mixed with contemporary dance. The dancers glide from one role to another. The shapeshifting between swans and humans, the change between marginalized and mainstream perspectives opens up new fantasies and imagines loving encounters between animals, humans and other beings.  



Artistic direction, choreography, concept: Ursina Tossi
Concept: Ursina Tossi, Uta Engel, Sina Rundel
Co-Choroegraphy & Dance: Anne-Lene Nölder, Alexandra Filippidou, Chetan Yeragera, Cliff Huen Tin Yeung, David Pallant, Enting Zhang, Francesca Waehneldt, Laure Fleitz, Victor Gonzales
Costume Design: Nina Divitschek & Meret Zürcher
Collaboration Costume: Daniela Dreisigacker
Lighting design: Ricarda Köneke
Stage: Raphaela Andrade
Video: Friederike Höppner
Creative Production & Communication and PÖA: STÜCKLIESEL Productions
Artistic audio description: René Reith
Music: CocoRosie – Visit the Cocorosie Official Website
Performance, DGS, Access Consulting: Dodzi Dougban
Sign language interpreting team: Anna Warler, Susanne Fritz, Marie-Wilhelmine Schaper, Kunigunde Schindler, Nicole Ostrycharczyk, Barbara Widmann

Many thanks to Lizzy Lamprecht.

accompanied by MAKIN KIN

Andzejus Voroneckis (dramaturg with deaf perspective), Anna Wieczorek (dramaturg, expert dance studies), Humberto Acosta Rodriguez (expert classical ballet), Monique Mc Dowell (dramaturg, expert contemporary, musical dance), Naomi Sanfo (Expert Audio Descriptor), Nona Siepmann (Assistant & Expert Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy), René Reith (Artistic Audio Descriptor), Su Jin Kim (Dramaturg, Expert Classical Ballet), Susanne Tod (Access Consultant, DGS), Uta Engel (Dramaturg; Expert Crossover Contemporary Dance and Black Dance Cultures), Yeliz Pazar (Expert Urban Dance Styles)