VOID – Corecass

Music EP Video 20 min

VOID is about a woman who finds herself in this natural and deserted environment. She is at peace with herself, harmonious with the barren nature that surrounds her. Suddenly a call seems to come to her, she has to follow it. As she walks through the landscape, she is abruptly stopped. An invisible wall, seemingly coming from nowhere, prevents the protagonist from moving forward. When she realizes that she cannot overcome this hurdle, she is seized by a deep despair and falls into a faint. Shortfilm “V O I D” by CORECASS accompanying her release on Golden Antenna Records. The film got awarded and won recognition by the “International Music Video Underground”, the “IndieFEST Film Awards”, “Independent Shorts Awards” and other festivals around the world. It was shot in Norway in October 2020.   facebook.com/corecass instagram.com/corecass_sound soundcloud.com/corecass https://corecass.bandcamp.com/



Camera & Editing




Music: Elinor Lüdde Director – Elinor Lüdde
Camera & Editing – Jeppe Nørholm Rohde
Costume – Nina Divitschek
Actress – Elinor Lüdde